About Inspire Southeast Wisconsin

We all agree that the development of an emerging workforce with a diverse set of skills and talents is critical to Wisconsin’s economic future. Employers want to get involved but often aren’t sure how. Educators want to provide quality career-based learning experiences to support students as they develop and act on their Academic and Career Plans but often don’t know how to get started. Inspire Southeast Wisconsin is a web-based tool that makes it easy for students and schools to connect with local employers who are offering those activities.

Inspire Southeast Wisconsin brings industry and education together. It provides a regional solution to help build capacity for needed programs and efficiently leverage the valuable time of volunteers and staff. Inspire Southeast Wisconsin provides a network of industry and education leaders along with powerful web based tools that allow employers to connect with and cultivate their future talent pipeline in a safe and efficient way.

Through Inspire Southeast Wisconsin we can:


  • Provide exposure to the broad range of industries and careers available in our region and throughout the State of Wisconsin.
  • Support students as they develop and act on their Academic and Career Plans.
  • Connect students to professional mentors, internships and other career-based learning experiences.
  • Connect educators to opportunities that will broaden their knowledge of the work environments they are preparing students for each and every day.

aboutus2The need for comprehensive talent development for the emerging workforce is ongoing. As the needs of the State and our students change, so must our programs and services. Inspire Southeast Wisconsin connects related education, workforce development and economic development initiatives to accomplish shared objectives. It’s time to take these efforts to the next level.

It’s time to Inspire Southeast Wisconsin.