At the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin office we’re always running across interesting pieces of research on College and Career Readiness and Academic and Career Plans. We’d like to share a couple of these pieces with you.

The following two articles focus on the current problem of developing a fully prepared workforce just out of college or high school and suggest ways to address this issue. The first article below concentrates on how high schools and employers should engage. It demonstrates the right track all of Southeastern Wisconsin is on in implementing Inspire into our Academic and Career Plans. As well as references Inspire Southeast Wisconsin’s sister deployments in Rock County and Illinois as best practice examples.

The second link focuses in how colleges and employers should adapt to require career-based learning activities as an integrated part of college classes.

This final link will show the workforce landscape in Wisconsin and additional best practices from the College & Career Readiness & Success Center website of the American Institutes for Research.  You can find Wisconsin based information here:

We hope these resources help as we all continue to Inspire Southeast Wisconsin!