Inspire Southeast Wisconsin: Building the Foundation of Our Talent Pipeline

Businesses are asking: “How do I find and develop the talent I need for my business?”

Students are asking: “How can I become the talent businesses are looking for?”

Inspire Southeast Wisconsin Provides Answers!

Whether you are a business who needs talent or a student who wants to be the talent, Inspire Southeast Wisconsin can help you create the connections you need. Inspire is a web-based tool that virtually connects businesses to their future talent pool through online profiles, virtual career coaches and career-based learning activities for students and educators.


More importantly, this tool is powered by an ever growing network of community partners representing our region’s K-12 Educators, Post-Secondary Educators, Youth Serving Organizations, Businesses, Workforce Development and Economic Development Organizations. We are all in this together and want an economically strong region with skilled job opportunities for everyone. Inspire provides a tool that builds the connections between industry and education we need to build the foundation of our talent pipeline. Your business can be a part of this regional talent development solution.

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Click here if you are a parent or guardian of a middle or high school student.


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